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Let the flowers dwell in the flutter of gusts.

Saturday, April 24, 2010 1:10 AM

Suddenly felt like blogging after a long time

. . .

Since people are all different altogether we have different view points. Therefore each and every individual's perspective is different. Each and every individual assume, presume differently as and perspective also varies. Lets take a stand fan for an example.

When you look at the fan as yourself; your view point of the fan at which you are standing at may be at the front of the fan, where you can see the branding and the front head of the fan but from another person's point of view he actually sees the back of the fan, etc.

Therefore even though two may be discussing about the same topic or looking at the same topic
they will see things differently as they are at a different view point.

Therefore we should actually stop just being content to be in our original standing point and step out of our comfort zone of the original and enter into the person's standing point and see things differently of the same situation. Thus one gains knowledge through this experience.


Awesome dinner! 18/3
Monday, March 29, 2010 4:26 PM

Had an awesome dinner together with Pei Wen and George! Stingray huat ar !

. . .

It was a night of breakthrough.


Fun day out for IC zone's sports and talents day. 17/3
4:19 PM

First IC zone event that I attended. Thus was excited for it as well. The day began pretty alright as well.
After eating lunch together with Ming Fu, we headed down to pioneer station to meet the rest who were waiting there.

Well as you would expect it was a scorching day and thus pretty much everybody got sunburnt.. but I suppose everyone had fun. =)

After unforseen circumstances such as predicted attendance not reached, etc. Long story cut short the few of us were shuffled into a team called BAGUA! After the preview of the cheering the games began.

The games order was human charade-->Mentos travel-->Balloon popping-->Book spinning+ carrying---> the highlight *Handball freshman's edition*. PS; the stupid names are due to the fact that there were no official names for the games. Well, the highlight is indeed the highlight as firstly, fresh food was used in the games. Thus everybody had a hard time getting the stench off especially the sotong. Dinner and the night program followed. The night program was a little disappointing but the prayer meeting made up for it =). Overall it was a pretty fun day.

. . .

Well, in the process of these, just felt that tenacity changes everything. Especially through the cheering and stuff you can tell it all.


Boring day. 16/3
4:17 PM

However boring it was( perhaps it was because i couldn't for the next day), i had a thought. Need to pray bout it to know if its a vision.


In search for the new generation to overtake. 15/3
4:16 PM

Well this being my first youth outreach in CHC, obviously I was excited.

Indeed, it was very fruitful.

The purpose of the youth outreach was to gather us youths to let us know the importance of us being the next generation to have the ability to take over the older generation.

Thus we as youths must have much MORE energy than the older generation and our energy comes in abundance. Thus most jumped around while on fire for Christ during the praise song "Jump Around". I did as well and i enjoyed it.

Well the preaching was that;

*Jesus wants to raise up a generation of people who are strong in faith.
Revival must pass on from one generation to another generation.

*We must have the abilities like foxes possess.
Foxes have large ears
-> Foxes have long muzzles
-> Foxes are cunning
-> Foxes are sharp looking creatures

*The 4 Cs.
#2 Campus ministry
#3 Contemporary
#4 Committed to calling

. . .

Nearing the end of the service, there was the alter call, Pst Kong said that if anyone that has the desire to serve could step forward to the alter call. I felt as though it was just me to want to serve thus i responded. I don't regret it. I am ready, are you ready?


Shag Sunday. 14/3
Thursday, March 18, 2010 1:08 PM

Only had two hours of sleep during the previous night, thus the title.
Woke up at 8 plus. Was quite a boring day. Nothing much to say.


Smooth Sat. 13/3
Sunday, March 14, 2010 5:09 AM

Had a good day.
Left house at 12. Saw George at Pasir Ris station. Took the train down together with him and chat till we met Steven at 1 at changi Mrt. Had an awesome lunch together. Went down to expo at around 2 plus. Went to coffebean to do some maths. Saw Vincent and more familiar faces at coffeebean. Went to queue together with Jo and Yan Zhi at 3 plus. Pre-Service prayer and fellowship followed by quite an awesome service. Magaret court's testimony was good! Fellowshiped till 11 plus with the remaining people. Took the train with Man Yau. Homed @ 12 plus.